Our mission

Innovation cannot be done alone! We believe that innovation should be open, and open innovation with us is an approach accessible by any organization of any size, and it is affordable. Our mission is to support organizations to access open innovation by providing an innovative service with a cost effective, collaborative tool for crowdsourcing solutions and ideas responding to any sort of innovation need. Do you have specific needs you want to discuss or solutions you think might solve (grand) challenges? Drop us a line, we look forward to hearing from you.

Our Team

Giuseppe Accardo
General Manager, Co-Founder
Giuseppe has graduated from the University of Palermo with a Masterís Degree in Electronic Engineering. Right after he obtained his degree Giuseppe left Italy to participate to an Internship offered by IBM in San Jose California, within the IBM Global Services division. At IBM global services, Giuseppe has contributed as a Test manager, Project Manager and global resources manager. Giuseppe has also worked as a Technology Manager at the Innovation center in San Mateo, California. Giuseppe is in charge of the scouting of companies located in Silicon Valley / North America for possible partnerships with Italian companies and/or solvers as well as IP brokerage in the US. He is also tasked with the management of content and know-how, as well as with marketing in the US.
Giulia Di Tommaso
Gabriele Accardo
Gabriele is a lawyer and scholar who, after nearly twelve years of professional and academic experience, has developed a strong expertise in competition law and other complex areas of law that deal with business and innovation. In the early stages of his career he spent ten years in Brussels, where he practiced EU and competition law working for two leading international firms. Currently, he continues practicing law in Rome, Italy. In 2009, his passion for research on international technology laws brought him to collaborate as a Research Fellow at the Transatlantic Technology Law Forum (TTLF), a think-tank dedicated to transatlantic tech law and policy issues at Stanford Law School, Palo Alto, United States. As co-founder, Gabriele establishes and entertain relationships with companies, entrepreneurs as well as organizations and institutions. He supervises the legal affairs of the company.