Questions about Innoventually, Solvers, and Sponsors

What is Innoventually?

How does it work?

How much does it cost to post a challenge?

I like the idea that I can create a challenge on my own, but I would like to be helped for the first time just to be sure I am not making any mistakes. Can I do it?

I would like to create a custom challenge or a section on the platform for a specific industry, can I do it?

Who are the Sponsors and how can they get in touch with Innoventually?

Questions about the Challenges

Who are the Solvers of Innoventually?

What are the different challenges you offer and how is the intellectual property regulated in each case?

Does every challenge provide for an award?

Are there other forms of award I can consider as a Sponsor?

Questions about the submission of the solutions

As a Sponsor, do I have to pay right away the amount of the award when I create a challenge?

When will I know about the results?

Can I make a submission as a team?

What happens if my submission is the winning one in a General Call where there is no monetary award?

What happens if my solution is selected as the winning one and what happens to my intellectual property?

What if my solution contains intellectual property that can lead to the filing of a patent application?

How do I know, as a Solver, that my solution will not be utilized if I do not get selected?

How will I get paid?

Do I have to pay taxes on the award?

What if I have already existing Intellectual property that I think can be the solution to the problem in the challenge?

What if I have been involved in a research project, alone or together with other partners, that is potentially representing the solution to the problem described in the challenge?


This FAQ page is for informational purposes only. All the terms and conditions among the parties involved in a challenge and between the parties and Innoventually are set forth exclusively in the website Terms and Conditions, and in each Challenge’s Terms and Conditions.